About Us

Ed, Tom and Glen

We’re Ed, Tom and Glen. Two locals and a stray Australasian who love the Hamptons both sides of the highway! We’re all experienced award-winning professionals in our fields.  Architecture, Design, Creativity, Marketing, Strategy and advanced relaxation are our specialities.  We wanted to mix our talents, our love of place, and our belief in positive lifestyles into a local brand locals can love.  Ed’s our Managing Director and he’s always happy to hear from you ed@hmptns.co

Going Local

hmptns proudly focuses on premium quality CBD products.  Our goal is to have our entire business be as local as possible.  Wherever and whenever we can, we’ll be making choices for our CBD products that fulfill this focus and stay true to these values.  This may mean that from time to time our product sourcing moves  in origin closer to the Hamptons.  We think you’ll agree ... that’s a good thing. Support local!

Why We Love This Place!!

Every Hamptons day starts with that great feeling that “we live here!”  Much has been written, photographed and visited, but to really get a taste of this area, you should really come and stay a while.  It’s a glorious mix of city and beach, movie stars and long term farmers, Ferraris and fennel, international and down-to-earth, arts and surf, and everything in between. It’s all found over just 70 square miles of surprise, mystery, luxury and fun.